The first reviews and benchmarks have arrived for the Radeon Vega Frontier Edition—the first graphics card based on AMD’s Vega architecture—and the results are mixed to say the least.
In professional application benchmarks like SPECviewperf and Cinebench R15 OpenGL, the £1000/$1000 Vega FE (buy here) comes out ahead of Nvidia’s flagship Titan Xp.
In games, it’s often barely faster than a GTX 1070.
The gaming results have caused some consternation amongst AMD fans, with many expecting far better performance from what is currently the company’s best graphics card.

As it stands, Vega FE is between 25 to 45 percent faster than the R9 Fury X (according to PC Perspective), and 13 percent slower than a GTX 1080.

Both the GTX 1080 Ti and Titan Xp are substantially faster and draw less power at stock speeds.
Gamers Nexus also found issues with Vega FE’s overclocking performance, noting that it was unable to overclock the GPU without the memory clock speed being cut in half.

The Vega FE only went on sale Friday (buy here), so its drivers will likely remain flaky until AMD irons out any issues.
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