KDAB, a German consulting firm that develops graphics and visualization tools, has released Hotspot 1.0, a GUI too for visualizing performance data generated by the Linux perf tool.Perf analyzes system and application behaviors in Linux and generates a detailed report showing which calls, programs, disk I/O operations, or network events (just to name a few possibilities) are eating up most of the system’s time.

Because Perf is a command-line tool, most of its output is static, and it can be a multi-step process to produce an interactive, explorable report from data provided by Perf.[ The InfoWorld roundup: 5 rock-solid Linux distros for developers. | Stay up on open source with the InfoWorld Open Source Report newsletter. ]
Hotspot—not to be confused with the Java virtual machine project — was developed by one of Perf’s contributors, Milian Wolff, as a partial replacement for Perf’s existing reporting system.
It provides an interactive GUI for performance data compiled by Perf, built using the Qt interface library.

A tabbed interface provides various views of perf data: basic top-down or bottom-up lists, caller/callee lists, and a flame graph view normally generated with Perf data by way of third-party software.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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