Enlarge / Zachary Quinto (left) as Commander Spock and Chris Pine (right) as Captain James T. Kirk in the 2013 movie, “Star Trek: Into Darkness.” (credit: CBS via Getty Images)
An Oklahoma City man was arrested last Saturday after police responded to a domestic disturbance in the force (or perhaps a rip in space-time): two roommates were arguing over whether Star Wars or Star Trek was the better movie, and things got too intense.
A police report provided to Ars does not specify precisely which of the myriad movies and/or shows the men were griping about. However, it does say that during the argument, the victim, Bradley Warren Burke, went back to his room.
As he did so, Burke told his roommate, 23-year-old Jerome Dewayne Whyte, that Whyte was “just a trick.”
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