Enlarge / Trouble brews high, high in the sky.
If only we had a hero nearby who could quickly scale buildings. (credit: Marvel Studios)
How many Spider-Man film reboots do we really need? That’s not a hypothetical question.

The comic series often hinges on “boy-becomes-man” plot devices, so you don’t want someone portraying Peter Parker who reaches 90210 levels of aging out.

But the Menudo method of revolving-door casting can get exhausting with feature-length films.
To escape its reboot baggage, Spider-Man Homecoming had quite a skyscraper of expectations to climb.

Thankfully, its every element, including one of the best “teen” actor ensembles I’ve ever seen, spins enough taut, sky-high webbing to leap it handily.
Peter Parker can’t lose
Spider-Man Homecoming review: Having a blast with Peter Parker’s day off

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