The science fiction fairy tale Okja begins with a press conference so insane that it’s actually believable.
In the near future, the Mirando corporation is trying to boost its stock prices by announcing a new project: superpigs, giant food animals whose poop is environmentally friendly.

They’ll feed the world without polluting it! That’s when things get really weird—and mesmerizing.
Mirando’s new president Lucy Mirando (played with demented gusto by Tilda Swinton) is also introducing herself to the world at this media circus.
She’s like some kind of YouTube star crossed with a biotech exec, talking in hyperactive confessional mode about how she’s so much cooler than her twin sister Nancy, the company’s previous president.

And don’t even get her started on their crazy, evil father who made Mirando into an animal-torture factory. He was awful. Now that Lucy is in charge, however, everything is going to be wonderful! And beautiful! When Lucy’s not hunting the world for “miracles” like the superpig, she designs uniforms for her private security force.

That’s just how creative she is. You won’t want to miss the new scientific wonders coming from Mirando!
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