This kind of setup now costs half as much as it did a year ago.
Oculus announced via its blog overnight that the Rift VR headset bundled with hand-tracking Touch controllers will now cost just $399, half the price the company was charging for that same hardware package less than five months ago.

The “limited time” price is being offered as part of an ongoing “Summer of Rift” promotion that also includes heavy discounts on Oculus games.
It was only March 1 when the Rift headset alone saw its first major price drop to $499, after launching at $599 roughly a year before.

At that time, the optional Oculus Touch controllers also dropped from $199 to $99, less than four months after their release last December.
Today’s further 33 percent reduction in the price of a Rift/Touch hardware bundle makes high-end, PC-based VR a good deal more affordable than it was just last year.

Back then, it cost at least $1,500 to go “all in” on a basic Oculus Ready PC bundled with the Rift headset, before the Touch controllers were even available.

Today, you could get a similar barebones “Oculus Ready” system” with the Rift headset and Touch controllers for $1,000 or less.
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