Enlarge / A slightly misaligned logo is the main difference that distinguishes this bootleg system from the real thing. (credit: NeoGAF)
Video games have a long history of counterfeit cartridges trying to pass themselves off as legitimate.

But while there is plenty of obvious knock-off video game hardware floating out there, it’s pretty rare to see a game console that tries to exactly mimic the look and functionality of a legitimate system.
But the NES Classic Edition isn’t your typical system story. With Nintendo discontinuing the NES Classic in April after 2.3 million sales, bootleggers have apparently stepped in to provide reasonable facsimiles in an attempt to satisfy what seems to be still healthy demand.
These aren’t obvious knock-offs like the Chinese “Entertainment System,” which just sticks an old 500-in-1 Famiclone in a vaguely NES-Classic-Esque shell. No, these are full bootleg consoles that try to mimic the NES Classic Edition down to the small details.
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