What’s that little cassette packed into this expensive Radiohead set? Let’s use a ZX Spectrum emulator to find out.
Radiohead has never shied away from arty and elaborate “special edition” versions of its albums, which normally ship to fans with unique artwork and limited vinyl.

But Tuesday’s collector’s item release of the OK Computer 20th anniversary edition, priced at a whopping $130/£100, shipped with that most hipster of audio formats included: a C90 audio cassette.
And if you’re wondering whether Radiohead’s bizarre, technology-theorizing landmark album would pack something computer-related into that cassette tape, you might want to dig up your old Sinclair ZX Spectrum cassette drive.

OK Computer’s hidden ZX Spectrum program, distributed this Tuesday as part of the album’s 20th anniversary commemorative cassette tape.

Radiohead’s 78-minute cassette was distributed on Tuesday as a digital download to anyone who pre-ordered the box set (which also includes three vinyl records and three full books of art, sketches, and lyrics from the recording session).

The cassette, packed full of rare demos and odd audio experiments, ends with roughly two minutes of computer tones.
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