You won’t be able to buy this in Japan anymore, now that Nintendo has stopped production.
Nintendo is discontinuing the last of its compact, flip-top, stereoscopic 3D portables in Japan.

The New Nintendo 3DS—which packs additional RAM, more shoulder buttons, and a second analog nub over the original system—is no longer being produced for the Japanese market, according to a message on Nintendo’s Japanese website.

The original 3DS, which was replaced by the New 3DS, was discontinued in 2014, alongside the original 3DS XL (called “LL” in Japan).
The move leaves the Japanese market without any standard-sized 3DS hardware that supports the system’s once-ballyhooed stereoscopic 3D feature. Japanese players that want a system with a smaller form factor and screens are now stuck with the Nintendo 2DS, which doesn’t feature stereoscopic 3D.

The larger, flip-top New Nintendo 3DS XL is still being sold with a glasses-free stereoscopic display, but it seems set to be replaced by the recently launched New Nintendo 2DS XL, which omits the 3D feature.
Nintendo has been reducing its focus on the 3DS line’s stereoscopic 3D capabilities for years now. Recent games like Super Mario Maker for 3DS go so far as to ignore the feature entirely, saying right on the box that the game “plays only in 2D.”
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