Enlarge / Just as there are no wires visible in this promotional shot, soon there will be no wires on a future Oculus standalone headset.
Yesterday, a report from Bloomberg revealed that Oculus is planning to release a $200 wireless standalone VR headset.

Today, we’ve got additional details on Oculus’ overall VR hardware plans.
Ars Technica has confirmed that Oculus is exploring multiple different options in a “spectrum” of standalone devices for the future.

That includes continued investment in standalone headsets that have “six degree of freedom” full motion tracking akin to the Santa Cruz prototype shown at last year’s Oculus Connect conference. Oculus will not release any hardware before the end of 2017, though.
Oculus doesn’t see its wireless standalone headset plans as a replacement for the existing Rift, however.
Instead, the company sees PC-connected Rift headsets and mobile phone-powered holsters like Gear VR as completely separate categories that will operate parallel to any standalone VR hardware. Oculus hopes people who purchase the Rift today will still be able to enjoy it for years without regret.
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