Update – July 18: River City Ransom Underground developer Conatus says it will change the soundtrack to the game because, in short, “we can’t spend another minute thinking about the false DMCA complaints filed against us and our YouTube and Twitch community.”
Conatus writes in a post on the game’s Steam community page today that the company’s lawyers have assured them Mauer’s DMCA claim has “no legal basis,” and that she was fully paid for the rights to her subcontracted music work on the Kickstarter-funded game.

But the developers are not eager to face the prospect of proving that in order to fight the game’s DMCA takedown request on Steam.
“Being legally right is only half the story,” Conatus writes. “As a practical matter, the costs of legal action would put console development plans on hold, perhaps indefinitely. We don’t have any interest in spending our time and our energy dealing with this matter further.”
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