A couple of weeks ago I bought a Surface Laptop because I wanted to spend some time using Windows 10 S.
It has been an interesting experience.
I’ve learned a great deal about Microsoft’s latest operating system—and its prospects as a tool for the enterprise.Windows 10 S is a variant of the familiar Windows 10 Pro, but locked down to work only with Windows Store applications and to prevent local scripting tools and system-level commands from running.

There is no access to cmd.exe, no PowerShell, no RegEdit, and certainly no Bash prompt, all aimed at reducing the risk of a user changing device configuration or getting around the operating system’s restrictions. Power users may bristle at this approach, but Windows 10 S isn’t intended for them.

The locked-down nature of the OS and the initial focus on the education market is an intriguing combination, and a pointer to a possible enterprise future.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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