Enlarge / Ars Technica’s Creative Director Aurich Lawson is on vacation. When that’s the case, this is what happens to our “art department.” (credit: id Software / Sam Machkovech)
Multiple Doom-related stories landed on the nerd newswire on Wednesday, and they focused on decidedly different eras of the decades-old series.

Bethesda announced a significant freebie for the game’s 2016 version, while original Doom fans received a pretty random trivia reveal from none other than John Romero himself.
The shooting series’ co-creator and level designer took to his official blog on Wednesday as a response to an informal Twitter poll he’d posted days earlier. Romero had asked fans which of his old game series they’d like to hear “a piece of trivia” about, and 40 percent of roughly 2,000 votes were cast for Doom. He responded by unearthing a previously unrevealed story about the game’s cover art, which he can personally vouch for.
More precisely, Romero revealed that he was the model for the helmeted, devil-blasting “Doomguy” on its iconic box cover.
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