Enlarge / This is not Nintendo’s solution for voice chat on the Switch, but it’s closer than you might think.
Our recent review of Splatoon 2 wasn’t able to test Nintendo’s unorthodox new voice-chat app for the Nintendo Switch, which requires a separate smartphone to let you talk to your teammates during a match.

That app launched on the iOS and Android app stores today, and while we’ll have a full review after more extensive testing, we wanted to point out one baffling design decision immediately.
As Nintendo points out in the app’s official FAQ, voice chat cannot run in the background while using your phone for other purposes such as “texts, social media, etc.”:
The voice chat will disconnect while you’re talking on the phone or using another application, but your voice chat will restart in the same room once you open the Nintendo Switch Online application again as long as the game session is still ongoing.
What’s more, early testing confirms that the app won’t work if your phone goes into power-saving “sleep mode,” with the screen inactive.

And don’t bother trying to use the app to chat with your Switch friends while away from the system, either: you can only join chat rooms with people when you’re actively playing a specific, supported game with them.
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