In May, we published a story about how police body cams can be employed in the worst way—for planting evidence, or staging a crime scene.
In what was among the first instances of its kind, we revealed that a Colorado cop had staged the body cam footage of the search of a vehicle in which he is seen finding drugs and cash. Pueblo prosecutors dropped the drug charges, and the Pueblo Police Department said it disciplined the officer, as an internal matter. No charges against the officer were lodged.

Now there’s word of another such incident in Baltimore, related to video from a January drug arrest.

The officer’s trickery was revealed by the fact that his body cam retained footage for 30 seconds before it was activated to begin recording.

During that time, according to the footage and the Baltimore public defender’s office, officer Richard Pinheiro puts a bag of pills in a can in an alley and walks out of the alley.
The Axon cam’s initial 30 seconds of footage, by default, doesn’t have sound.

After 30 seconds, viewers of the video can both see and hear the officer looking for drugs in the alley. Lo and behold, he finds them in the same soup can that he placed them in, according to the footage, which was released Wednesday. Pinheiro can then be heard yelling “yo” to his fellow officers, telling them he found drugs in the alley.
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