Enlarge / The error message that greeted thousands of Felmyst players after the server was shut down by a legal threat mere hours after launching Friday.
A highly anticipated private server intended to emulate the state of World of Warcraft during the decade-old “Burning Crusade” expansion was shut down by a legal demand delivered by Blizzard representation mere hours after the server launched on Friday.
The planned launch of the Felmyst server had been heavily anticipated in the “legacy server” subcommunity of WoW players who seek to emulate a “vanilla” version of the game as it existed before the current slate of expansions and updates changed how the MMO looks, plays, and feels. While other fan-run, “Burning Crusade”-era legacy servers exist, Felmyst had already earned a reputation before launch as one of the best and most complete efforts to capture that well-remembered era of the game in a playable way.
But with thousands of players reportedly logged on after that launch Friday afternoon, the Felmyst server was unceremoniously taken down after just five hours.

The reason: a cease-and-desist letter from Mitchell Silberberg and Knupp LLP, representing Blizzard, asking for an immediate shutdown under numerous copyright laws.

A copy of that letter can be seen in a message from Felmyst coder and creator Gummy52 (which now stands in place of the removed Felmyst webpage and forums) as well as a video Gummy52 posted this morning.
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