When working with applications, you will often want to know the memory allocation, garbage collection (GC) overhead, and throughput of the code. Your application might be slow, or it might be consuming a lot of resources, and you want to find out what’s wrong.Although you can detect functional problems and code defects using unit tests and code reviews, you might still need a way to isolate performance issues. Here’s where NBench comes in handy.

This article presents a discussion of NBench and how we can use it to write performance tests for .NET applications.[ Discover the power of Bash on Windows. | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld’s App Dev Report newsletter. ]
What is NBench? Why should I use it?
NBench is a popular performance testing framework that can be used to profile the performance of methods in our application. NBench can measure the throughput of your application’s code, the memory allocation, and the GC overhead involved in reclaiming memory by cleaning up unwanted objects.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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