Enlarge / The OLED-toting Google Pixel (left) next to the iPhone 7 Plus’ LCD panel. (credit: Ron Amadeo)
Foxconn, one of the electronics manufacturers that makes Apple’s iPhones, is set to reveal plans to build a factory in Wisconsin to product flat-screen displays.

Foxconn has been in talks with state governments about investing $7 billion in US manufacturing since Donald Trump took office as President.

The announcement will come at an event at the White House today at 4pm CT.

The factory will be located in southeastern Wisconsin in House Speaker Paul Ryan’s congressional district.
It’s currently unclear how many jobs this will create in the state—an earlier report from The Chicago Tribune suggests it could create as many as 10,000 jobs, while others state the factory would initially create 3,000 jobs.

Back in January, Foxconn Chairman Terry Gou estimated the $7 billion investment, if it went through, could create between 30,000 and 50,000 jobs in the US.
The deal won’t come for free, though. The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel is reporting Foxconn will receive an incentive package of $1 to $3 billion over the next few years, including state, local, and federal incentives.
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