Ars Technica Live #15, produced by Jennifer Hahn and filmed by Chris Schodt.
(video link) Lisa Ling served almost two decades in the Air National Guard, working on communications technology and drones.

After an honorable discharge, she discovered her work had led to the deaths of hundreds of people. On our latest episode of Ars Technica Live, she tells Ars editors Annalee Newitz and Cyrus Farivar how that experience turned her into a whistleblower.
Civilians know almost nothing about military drone programs, and Lisa told us that it wasn’t much better on the inside.
She joined the National Guard to be a nurse, but her technical skills quickly got her moved into a role working with computers and comms equipment.

After a few years of that, she was reassigned to work on drones.

But she didn’t realize, at first, what she was building.
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