Learn a little about the tech behind Better Call Saul (video link)
Warning: This story contains mild spoilers for Breaking Bad and S3 of Better Call Saul.
Whether on Better Call Saul or Breaking Bad, Mike Ehrmantraut has proven himself handy within all sorts of situations.
So when faced with quite the pickle on this recent season of Saul—the character discovers some shady organization has planted a GPS tracker of sorts within his car’s gas cap—he doesn’t panic. Of course, Mike Ehrmantraut has a plan. He even knows a guy who can get him a MILSPEC-like tracker of his own.
No spoilers, but neither Joseph Ulibarri nor Jason Delap turn out to be Ehrmantraut’s guy.
Still, this duo is absolutely essential to putting the gear in Mike’s hands.

That’s because this particular GPS tracker didn’t exist before S3 of Better Call Saul, and Ulibarri (special effects) and Delap (props) help lead the behind-the-scenes effort needed to change that. “We try to MacGyver stuff up when things that don’t exist need to,” Delap tells Ars.
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