In computing as in real life, a secret is information you want kept private, outside of the people and systems you want or need to share it with.
In the application security realm, common examples of secrets are passwords, tokens, and private keys. While the concept of a secret is rather simple, keeping application secrets private (at least in technical terms) is anything but simple—especially in containerized environments.The task of managing and securing application secrets is, of course, not new.
Securing them has never been easy, but when applications had relatively few systems with static connections and low interconnectivity, it was manageable.

Then came the cloud, virtualization, the connected enterprise, etc., which made secrets management much more difficult.
In those environments, secrets needed to be accessible in many more places, and needed to remain accessible to the intended recipients in dynamic, changeable environments.To read this article in full or to leave a comment, please click here

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