Enlarge / That says “Ars Approved” for a reason. (credit: Ludomancy)

I was already in love with the new video game Fidel: Dungeon Rescue before I realized I had missed one of its most important buttons. What greater compliment can you pay a video game? Fidel is so good that I was hooked even when I didn’t entirely understand it.
One month into my time with the game, I’m still not an expert. Fidel is among the hardest puzzle games I’ve ever played, but I keep coming back, groveling like a… you know. Fidel has everything I want in a brain-busting puzzle experience: quick sessions, a carefully balanced level generator, satisfying payoffs for intelligence, decisions full of stakes, and a dedicated “bark” button. (No, that’s not the button I was talking about.)
Man’s best friend
Review: Why I can’t stop killing a cute, puzzle-solving dog named Fidel

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