Enlarge / Typically, Myrtle Beach is quite picturesque—as evidenced by this early-morning view towards the end of the Cherry Grove fishing pier. (credit: Kelly Verdeck Photography / Getty Images)
Authorities and vacationers in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are waiting anxiously for more information on a case of flesh-eating bacteria that struck a Lumberton, North Carolina grandmother who had been staying in the area last week.
Family of the woman, Bonita Fetterman, stated matter-of-factly online and to local media that she contracted the dire bacterial infection from waters at the beach.

But authorities there are skeptical, given frequent water testing they conduct.

They’re pressing for more information.
The case came to the light following a viral Facebook post Sunday by Fetterman’s daughter, Marsha Barnes Beal.
In the post, Beal reported that her mother was in stable condition at University of North Carolina Medical Center in Chapel Hill after being airlifted and admitted to the intensive care unit there.

Asking for prayers, Beal said doctors were preparing to cut away the infected flesh from her leg to try to salvage the limb.
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