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The next episode of Game of Thrones, S7E4 “Spoils of War,” has leaked online in script, summary, and video storyboard form after HBO suffered a large hack earlier in the week.
HBO has been working hard to clean up the leaked files via a flurry of DMCA takedown notices—but conversely, one DMCA notice sent to Google, and apparently seen by Variety, reveals that “thousands” of internal company documents were obtained and leaked by the hackers, including personally identifiable data and passwords from at least one senior HBO exec.
Despite the takedowns, though, if you do a little googling you can turn up a short script, summary, and homemade video storyboard for next week’s Game of Thrones episode, “Spoils of War.” The short script (which is more of an outline) is dated April 2016, and so some details may have changed.
It definitely contains some spoilers, though, if you really can’t wait until Sunday/Monday to watch the full episode.
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