Enlarge / Well, it certainly doesn’t look like other phones.
Many were confused earlier in July when Red, makers of ultra high-end 4K and 8K cameras for Hollywood, announced it was making an Android smartphone.
Dubbed Red Hydrogen, the phone’s substantial $1,595 price tag was accompanied by all manner of lofty promises about shattering “the mould of conventional thinking” and “nanotechnology.” And it supposedly has a “holographic” display, too.

Perhaps sensing some of that confusion, Red has revealed a little more about Red Hydrogen via the channel of premier tech YouTuber Marques Brownlee. While Brownlee was only able to take a look at a handful of prototypes—and even then, couldn’t show off the holographic display—his video gives us a far better idea of what the phone looks like, and what it might do for photographers.
I suspect, however, the first thing most people will notice is that the Red Hydrogen is freaking massive.
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