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In the Fall Creators Update, Microsoft is going to be changing the default color scheme used by Windows’ console windows.
After years of neglect, Microsoft has been working to update and overhaul the Windows command-line interface. With the development of the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL) and continued investment in PowerShell, the shortcomings of the Windows command-line windows themselves have become more apparent. Previous Windows 10 updates updated the console to offer 24-bit color support, support for ANSI escape codes, and nowadays it offers sensible behavior when resizing and maximizing the window.
The color scheme change is a small quality of life improvement that addresses one of the more annoying aspects of the console; its default color scheme is rather hard to read, especially on high contrast screens.

The bright blue color, in particular, is near-illegible on high contrast screens.

The new colors are easier to read and more consistent with the colors used in other terminal apps.
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