Ben Edlund and Griffin Newman discuss their new Tick series with a slightly cracked-out reporter. (video link)
Like its titular superhero, The Tick just won’t die.

Ben Edlund began drawing the character back when he worked at a comic book store in the early 1990s, mostly to make fun of superhero comics.

And then The Tick became a comic book.

And an animated TV series.

And a short-lived live-action series. Now, a new live-action series is about to start streaming on Amazon for a 10-episode season of pure insanity.
If you’ve already seen the pilot episode of The Tick, that’s no surprise—it has been out for almost a year and a half on Amazon.
It was part of Amazon Studio’s pilot program, where the company determines which pilots will go to series based on popularity. The Tick’s loyal fanbase made it a shoo-in, and it got picked up for a first season with a pretty hefty budget.

At San Diego Comic-con this year, Amazon went all-out promoting this latest iteration. Outside the convention center was an enormous “experience” where fans could see sets from the series after watching episode 2 for the first time during a packed panel.
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