Enlarge / Of all the games hinted at here, I’m probably most excited for the cyber-golfer one. (credit: Derek Yu)
The creator of the video game Spelunky, Derek Yu, has laid incredibly low since his title transformed the “randomly generated” gaming genre in 2008 (and again with an “HD” version in 2012). Would his long-awaited return also involve randomly generated dungeons, or some other procedurally generated gimmick?
Not even close. Yu announced a completely different kind of game on Monday, slated to launch in 2018.
I bring this admittedly early news to you because we may need an entire year to parse what exactly the game, titled UFO 50, will truly offer. UFO 50, as its title suggests, isn’t just one game.
It’s fifty of ’em.
Spelunky creator finally returns with a new game—er, 50 of them

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