Is it better to be alone than in bad company? We’ll find out once we learn more about the co-op specific parts of the Fallout board game in “Q4 2017.” (credit: Fantasy Flight Games / Bethesda Softworks)

Time to start saving up your bottle caps, because the Fallout RPG series is getting its first real board game soon.
Fantasy Flight Games teased a familiar-looking “please stand by” image on its social media pages on Tuesday morning, but the vague tease didn’t last long.
Shortly after, the Fallout board game’s official announcement rolled out with plenty of details about how exactly the game will work.

The adventure game, tentatively priced at $59, will support up to four players, along with single-player adventuring, and it will challenge players to amass the most “influence” points by the time the game ends.
Fallout board game announced as competitive four-player RPG adventure

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