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After the ad-pocolypse earlier this year, YouTube put many new systems in place for advertisers to better control which videos their ads appeared over on the platform. The company also clarified what it means to be “advertiser-friendly” on YouTube, as well as what kinds of hate-speech would be ineligible for monetization. However, many creators have expressed frustration with YouTube, its lack of transparency and communication, and the number of videos that were (and continue to be) demonetized after the incident.
So now, YouTube is rolling out a system of new icons that should help creators understand which videos are earning them money—and why other videos are not.

A blog post from yesterday outlines the expanded icon system: creators could see one of three new symbols next to each video.

A green, dollar-sign circle indicates the video is fully eligible for advertising on both YouTube and YouTube Red, earning money from “the broadest set of advertisers.” These videos presumably follow all YouTube’s guidelines for advertiser-friendly content and are not considered controversial in any way.
A yellow, dollar-sign circle appears next to videos that can only earn limited money from advertisements on YouTube. According to the blog post, this could be for one of two reasons: either the video has been deemed “not suitable for all advertisers,” or it has been completely demonetized because YouTube feels it doesn’t meet their advertiser-friendly guidelines. Previously, a yellow dollar sign icon meant that a video was indeed completely demonetized because it wasn’t suitable for advertisers.
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