Valentina Palladino

Despite turmoil surrounding its chip business—and the decision to stop selling consumer laptops—Toshiba hasn’t stopped making portable computers.

The company’s Portégé and Tecra laptop families are built for businesses and employees, so they may not be as flashy as consumer devices, but they’re still important. Work-issued laptops are the primary PCs for many people.
At a glance, the Portégé x30 has the painfully plain design of a work laptop, but it incorporates some features that we’ve been seeing take over consumer devices as of late: thin-and-light structure, USB Type-C and Thunderbolt, Windows Hello, and more.
It also boasts up to 18 hours of battery life, which would be insanely useful for business users and regular consumers alike, if true.

The Portégé x30 is a clamshell that tries to toe the line between commercial and consumer notebooks, and in some ways it’s a good mix of the two, but in others it could use more work.
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