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Facebook has been amping up its video efforts recently, particularly by acquiring rights to live sports and reportedly experimenting with its own original content. Now we have confirmation of that original content plus a new service from the company: Facebook Watch.

According to a blog post by Facebook’s Director of Product Daniel Danker, Watch is a new tab in Facebook that lets users view all kinds of original videos and shows on Facebook’s mobile, desktop, and TV apps.

These new shows are made of live and recorded episodes and all “follow a theme or storyline.”

Watch will slowly roll out to users in the US, but for now it’s limited to a small group of testers.
Let’s take a look at how Watch is laid out in the Facebook app.

According to the images in the blog post, Watch has its own tab, denoted with a YouTube-like play button icon, on the main menu next to the Feed tab.
It’s broken down into two main pages: Discover and Watchlist.

The former is where users can find new shows to watch, either based on what they’ve watched before or what their friends and family are watching.

Facebook explains that Watch is personalized in this way, and you’ll get video and show suggestions under different headers like “Most Talked About” (which highlights shows that “spark a conversation”) and “What’s Making People Laugh” (which lists shows that many people have reacted to with the “Haha” reaction).
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