Enlarge / Travis Kalanick, one of Uber’s co-founders, seen here in 2013. (credit: Fortune Live Media / Flickr)
Travis Kalanick, the recently removed CEO of Uber, has been sued by a group of investors that has accused him of “gross mismanagement and misconduct” during his tenure.
Benchmark Capital Partners, which currently holds 13 percent of the company’s stock and about 20 percent of its voting power on the board of directors, filed the lawsuit against Kalanick and Uber on Thursday. (The case was first reported by Axios.)
The complaint (which was filed in Delaware Court of Chancery as it involves two companies incorporated in the state) outlines in one fell swoop the myriad complaints that have befallen Uber during Kalanick’s time as CEO.

These include reports on sexual harassment, Greyball, the questionable acquisition of Otto (and the resulting in the still ongoing lawsuit from Waymo that followed), and other widely reported missteps.
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