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A 32-year-old American man accused of using an eBay account for fake computer-printer transactions to raise funds for a US terror plot pleaded guilty to federal terrorism-related charges Tuesday.
Mohamed Elshinawy, whom the government said pledged allegiance to ISIS, told the authorities that the up to $8,700 he received via PayPal was to be used for “operational purposes” (PDF) in the US, like conducting a terror attack. However, he also told the authorities, according to court documents, that he was just ripping off overseas ISIS operatives and had no intention of carrying out an attack in the US.

American accused of faking eBay sales to fund US terror pleads guiltyElshinawy

The FBI said in court documents that the authorities began investigating the Maryland man in 2015 after he received a $1,000 Western Union money transfer from Egypt.
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