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The ongoing Waymo v. Uber lawsuit continues to yield more interesting information about the internal plans of the ride-hailing company and its self-driving car ambitions. Uber was recently compelled by the court to hand over copies of text messages sent between former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick and Anthony Levandowski. While there’s no “smoking gun” in the redacted document that would settle the matter in Waymo’s favor, the messages—sent between February and December 2016—do show a particular disregard for Elon Musk and Tesla’s autonomous driving project.
Waymo says that Levandowski stole more than 14,000 secret files while he worked at Google, then departed to create his own startup, which was purchased last year by Uber for $680 million. Now Uber stands accused of using Google trade secrets in building its self-driving car project—charges that Uber vehemently denies.
Levandowski’s texts have a particular relevance to the case since he hasn’t answered many questions himself, instead pleading his Fifth Amendment rights to avoid testifying.

Earlier this year, Uber fired Levandowski when he wouldn’t cooperate with court-ordered document production.
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