Intel’s 8th generation Core processors starring, oddly, a black Surface Book.

To coincide with yesterday’s launch of the new 8th-generation processors, which pack four cores and eight threads into the 15W chips found in Ultrabooks, Intel released a sizzle video to give people an idea of what to expect from the new processors.
The star of the video is a little surprising, however.

At first glance it looks like a laptop, but MSPoweruser looked a little closer and noticed that it has some very distinctive properties: a vent around the lid and an unusual segmented hinge.

The laptop in the video is a Microsoft Surface Book. Only instead of being silver-gray like the current Skylake-based Surface Books, it’s black.

The hinge of the Surface Book is rather distinctive. (credit: Intel)

While Microsoft updated the Surface Pro earlier this year to include a dual-core Kaby Lake processor, the Surface Book—launched simultaneously with the previous generation Surface Pro 4—didn’t receive an update.

As such, it’s now rather long in the tooth.

A new version with a quad-core processor and a smart black finish would certainly be a welcome update to the premium system.
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