(credit: Brad Smith)
Major home Internet providers in the US don’t typically expand into each other’s territory, but this week, ATT said it is launching high-speed Internet in parts of New York City and other major metro areas outside of its traditional wireline footprint.
The new service is for apartment and condominium buildings, so don’t expect to get it if you live in a single-family house.
It’s also only available in cases where ATT has gotten access into buildings, which is often a problem for competing ISPs because of exclusive arrangements between providers and landlords.

But for some consumers, the new ATT launch could provide some much-needed competition.
ATT’s new deployment uses G.fast, a technology that relies on fiber deployments into neighborhoods and copper wires to make the connection inside each building.

But instead of old phone lines, ATT said it is using coaxial cables to make the final connection to consumers.
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