Enlarge / A sign hanging inside a San Francisco Sprint store. (credit: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images)
A patent-licensing entity that sued the five largest cell phone carriers has seen its biggest victory slip away.
Prism won a $30 million verdict against Sprint in 2015, when a jury found that Sprint violated US Patents No. 8,127,345 and 8,387,155, both of which describe methods of “managing access to protected computer resources.” According to the complaint (PDF), filed in 2012, Sprint’s Simply Everything Plan and Everything Data Plan were both methods of “controlling access to Sprint’s protected network resources” and thus infringed the patents.
Earlier this month, though, US District Judge Lyle Strom ruled (PDF) that Prism won’t be able to collect on its verdict. Prism used the same patents to take on T-Mobile, which defeated the patents and prevented Prism from collecting the Sprint verdict as well.
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