Enlarge / The Interceptor is baaaaack. (credit: Bungie)
BELLEVUE, Wash.—We’re finally close to knowing what Destiny 2 will feel like when it launches on September 6 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles.
Close, but not quite.

The online shooter’s developers at Bungie hosted a major preview event last week, just down the block from its offices in the Seattle-area city of Bellevue, and the assembled press was invited to turn on capture equipment for a limited amount of gameplay.

This comes with some limits, and as a result, this preview is more about the video of what we captured than about our thoughts and feelings on what’s being shown here.
Destiny 2: A world-premiere look at blasting through the new European Defense Zone (which I accidentally called the Earth Defense Zone in the narration, apologies.) (video link)
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