Enlarge / Why choose just one to buy when you can just borrow any used title for a low monthly fee? (credit: The Grey Backpack)
With direct downloads and other digital purchases growing in popularity even among console gamers, brick-and-mortar game retailers are looking for new ways to stay relevant well into the future.

To that end, GameStop-owned EB Games Australia is conducting an interesting experiment that essentially turns its shelves full of used games into a massive lending library for a flat, monthly fee.
As Press Start reports, EB Games has opened up the “Swap ‘n’ Play” program for testing in South Australia for AUS$19.95 a month (about $16).

The program lets you take out any used game you want, one at a time, then return it in exchange for another when you’re done. Players can cancel any time after an initial two-month commitment.
While the program was originally limited to used games that sell for under $50, that limit has since been dropped.

That means even relatively new releases can be rented out as long as a used copy is available in the store, which often happens just a few days after the “initial release.
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