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After nearly a year of rumors, Fitbit finally announced its first smartwatch today—the Fitbit Ionic.

For the past 10 years, Fitbit has been one of the biggest players in the wearables game. However, it took the company a while to embrace the smartwatch trend. Last year’s Fitbit Blaze was the closest the company got to creating a smartwatch, but the Blaze wasn’t advanced enough to take on the Apple Watch or any Android Wear devices.

Apple’s and Google’s products are what many think of immediately when the word “smartwatch” comes to mind.

Fitbit is clearly trying to infiltrate the mindset of those consumers with the $299 Ionic but without forgetting its fitness roots in the process.
The photos leaked earlier this year proved to be accurate depictions of Fitbit’s smartwatch.

The Ionic is a marriage of Fitbit’s Blaze and Surge trackers, featuring a unibody module with detachable band parts on either end.

The module is made out of aerospace-grade aluminum and was created using nano-molding technology.

That process molds metal and plastic together to make a unibody that’s both strong and lightweight.
It also allows Fitbit to make the Ionic as compact as possible by grouping together the Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and GPS antennas inside the device. While the Ionic’s shape may be polarizing, it’s an upgrade from the Blaze’s awkward design that forces you to pop the rectangular module out of its harness whenever you need to charge it.
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