Enlarge / “PRESS ENTER TO PLAY”? Sweeter words have never been written, Bungie. (credit: Bungie)
October 24 already felt like a significant amount of time to wait for the PC version of shooting game Destiny 2.

After strapping into the game’s first beta on PC, however, that two-month span began to feel a little more epic.
The Destiny 2 PC beta is now live for anybody who pre-ordered the game via the Battle.net platform (or Blizzard Battle.net if you’re keeping track), and it will become freely available for any Windows gamer to test starting on Tuesday, August 29.

Both betas last until Thursday, August 31.
I’d consider it a must-download for whichever side of the pre-order camp you land in because, while I have talked about the PC platform’s many benefits, it’s something else to put those in your hands.
I didn’t go into my own test of the beta expecting any surprises.
I own a GeForce 1080 Ti-powered system, which is similar to the ones we’ve used at events like the D2 reveal and an impressive E3 demo, and my PC defaulted to roughly the same settings loaded at those events.

But how much harder could I push the game?
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