Enlarge / Something was lost in translation.

And something was gained. (credit: Sean Gallagher)
Google Translate—the Web and mobile tool that performs machine-learning-based translation of over 100 languages—has a small problem: to some degree, it depends on the kindness of strangers.

And that dependence can be gamed for amusing (or enraging) result, as we discovered today while working on a story about North Korea’s recent ballistic missile launches.
When using Google Translate’s live feature—which performs machine-learning-driven translation of text viewed through a mobile device’s camera—to translate an article in the North Korean periodical Tongil Sinbo, we discovered that the feature translated the Korean characters for “Supreme Leader” as “Mr.
Squidward,” as shown in the image above.
“Supreme Leader” is the title used for North Korea’s leader, Kim Jung Un. “Mr.
Squidward” is the formalized way to address a character from the cartoon Spongebob Squarepants.
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