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When Codemasters released F1 2016 last year, it was my surprise hit of the year. DiRT Rally proved that the studio’s new EGO engine was right up there with the very best, and here was a Formula 1 title that combined plenty of realism and difficulty with a game that was also sheer fun to play.
Since then the sport itself has undergone quite a shake up.
It’s under new ownership, and the cars have more downforce and better tires.

There’s even a bit more competition; these days we can go into a Grand Prix weekend without knowing that a Mercedes win is almost certain.
And with all that, there’s a new F1 game, the logically titled F1 2017.
It captures the current technical changes to the sport, but the folks at Codemasters have done more than just tweak tire widths and downforce levels.

The big question is whether that’s enough to make it worth purchasing a new game.
F1 2017 review: Codemasters has given us another cracking game
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