Enlarge / New America Foundation President Anne-Marie Slaughter. (credit: New America)
The New America Foundation, a prominent DC think tank that’s heavily funded by Google, has parted ways with one of its most influential scholars after he criticized Google’s growing monopoly power.
The scholar is Barry Lynn, founder of New America’s Open Markets program and a leading advocate of stricter enforcement of antitrust laws.
Since the Reagan years, federal antitrust regulators have been more likely to approve mega-mergers and less likely to launch major antitrust lawsuits.
Scholars at the Open Markets program have made the case that the US economy would benefit from a return to the more rigorous antitrust regime of the mid-20th century.
The Open Markets team has paid particular attention to technology giants, with Amazon being a favorite whipping boy. On Wednesday morning, the top three stories on the center’s home page were all focused on Amazon and its growing market power.
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