Enlarge / A prototype screenshot from someone’s idea for Half-Life 3. You can do better than that, right?
All right, smart guy… you say you’re tired of waiting over 11 years now for Valve to release a promised new Half-Life installment? You say you’ve had it with the countless broken promises and vague hints that “Episode 3” still exists in some form? You say you know exactly what Valve needs to do to make the sequel everyone has been wanting for years?
Well, prove it. Now you can attempt to make your own version of Half Life 3, if you’re so danged smart.
Developer Laura Michet (Frog Fractions 2) and her Itch.io page will host the Epistle 3 Game Jam from now through the end of October.

The premise is simple: “Marc Laidlaw has released a genderswapped Half Life 3 plot synopsis on his blog,” Michet writes. “Some say the dream is dead. WE SAY…

THE OPPOSITE. Half Life 3 is finally free, where it belongs: out in the world, with us. Half Life 3 belongs to the people. LET’S MAKE IT.” There are no restrictions for submissions, only a requirement to use Laidlaw’s plot in whole or in part.
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