Enlarge / A Lyft ride in San Francisco, California. (credit: Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Lyft)
The ride-hailing app Lyft will make its biggest expansion yet in an attempt to grab customers from Uber, its much-larger rival.
A spokesperson said that Lyft’s expansion into 32 additional states means that the pink-mustached ride-hailing service will be available to 94 percent of the US population.

That’s up from 79 percent before the expansion.
In all, Lyft now promises state-wide coverage in 40 states, That includes rural areas that are difficult to serve—and where providing services will likely come at a significant cost to Lyft, at least in the early stages. Uber controls about 70 percent of the US ride-hailing market and provides near-statewide coverage in nine states, according to The Associated Press.
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