A Juicero juicer on display. (Photo by Michael Kovac/Getty Images for The Humane Society of the United States) (credit: Getty Images)

In a letter posted on its website on Friday, Juicero said that it would be closing down its business.

The Silicon Valley startup sold a cold-press juice machine that squeezed juice out of proprietary bags of fruit and vegetable matter.

The bags were delivered to the Juicero owner’s home on a subscription basis.
“[A]fter selling over a million Produce Packs, we must let you know that we are suspending the sale of the Juicero Press and Produce Packs immediately,” Juicero wrote today.
The company was hailed by tech investors, but it ran into problems with price.

The juice press was very expensive—it started out at $700 until the company reduced the price of the hardware to $400.

That was not including the price of the juice bags, which cost $5-$8 each.
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