Enlarge / Looks great as a small, still image.

But so far, Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition isn’t looking (or feeling) as good in motion on a true 4K monitor. (credit: Square Enix)
SEATTLE—Square Enix got into PC gamers’ good graces after a major August announcement about Final Fantasy XV.

The RPG will land on Windows sometime in “early 2018,” and while that’s a pretty long wait after its late-2016 console launch, PC gamers were at least assured they’d see PC-specific improvements such as full 4K resolution.
The studio followed that announcement two weeks later by inviting Ars Technica to one of the world’s first looks at this PC version’s in-development build.

After my behind-closed-doors, hands-on demo at this weekend’s PAX West 2017, however, I have nothing but bad news to report.
This clearly unfinished build of FFXV Windows Edition could have most or all of its glaring issues resolved by the time “early 2018” rolls around, but we couldn’t let such a disastrous demo go by without sending a wishlist to Square Enix. You guys have work to do, beginning with the following big-deal problems:
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