Enlarge / Our first flight to the planet of Nessus—and the first of many we plan to undertake, now that Destiny 2‘s retail edition has left us with such strong pre-review impressions. (credit: Bungie)
The first time I reviewed a brand-new Destiny game, I gathered less than a week of impressions.
Some online-shooter fans may have needed more time with a game of that caliber and scope to determine whether it was up to snuff.
I did not.
After beating Destiny‘s too-short campaign back in 2014, I found myself dissatisfied with the lack of post-campaign content.

The worlds felt tiny.

The AI wasn’t up to par.

The game didn’t deliver any long-term “economic” systems like crafting or trading, and its mix of confusing currencies never paid off. Destiny‘s time-tested, Halo-styled shooting mechanics made a good first impression, but nothing about its characters, missions, or worlds made me want to hang around and keep shooting its guns.
Paid expansions did their best to patch together enough content and gravitas to compel people to keep playing.

They never hooked me, however.
I never got over the fact that Destiny‘s most “epic” experience was a “loot cave,” which let players essentially press a big, shiny button and make insanely powerful weapons pop out. When that’s your game’s hottest ticket, you’re in trouble. (And no, the ridiculous bullet-sponge bosses, which did nothing more than stand around and absorb insane damage without requiring intelligent strategies, didn’t count.)
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